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mySCHENKER Internet service for fast and easy operations

Place a delivery order, check the delivery schedules, maintain an address book and order templates or print tallies of cargo and consignment notes with individual numbers.

As a contract customer of DB Schenker Finland, you have access to the mySchenker Internet service. In the service, you can find schedules and your contract prices; place delivery orders, print consignment notes and address labels, and track your orders and consignments. It saves time and ensures the information is correct.

MySchenker Internet service covers all the land transports of DB Schenker and Kiitolinja – i.e. all domestic deliveries in Finland, packages, pick-up and door-to-door deliveries, as well as import and export transports.

mySchenker covers the whole delivery order process

Use Schedules to plan the best day of collection for your delivery already in advance. It is easy to search for the schedules using postal codes to see the collection and delivery dates as well as the duration of delivery. The schedules can also be printed if necessary.

You will also get an estimated price for the delivery in accordance with the valid contract. The pricing covers serial and unit prices as well as the prices for supplementary services.

Pick the most frequently used addresses directly from your own address book. You can easily create one using an Excel file.

When placing a delivery order, you may also print a consignment note with a unique number. You can print the consignment note or forward it to the collection point per email. You can also print or email the address labels for the packages in the same way.

If your orders are of a repetitive nature, you can use a copy of a previous order as a template for a new one. You can also create profiles to facilitate the pricing and tracking of orders.

It is also easy to track your deliveries. You can browse them according to the destination, delivered consignments or date, for example. You can also create profiles for repetitive tracking tasks.

For more information, please call our sales service, tel. +358 10 520 01.

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Last modified: 21.12.2011

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