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Domestic Operations

Domestic land transports by Kiitolinja

Kiitolinja chain is responsible for domestic land transports of DB Schenker in Finland. Kiitolinja offers advanced transport, logistics and information services which meet market’s demands for quality, efficiency, simplicity and environmental responsibility.

The Kiitolinja chain consists of scheduled transport, collection and distribution, more than 900 vehicles, 18 terminals and 13 service points. All this together with our operations control system enables reliable transport and information flow throughout the chain.

Kiitolinja services

  • KIITOLINJAgroupage is an easy-to-use domestic transport service meant for business clients. Consignments are delivered to the receiver the following working day.
  • KIITOLINJAdirect is a delivery service meant for business clients for delivering part or full loads from consignor to recipient without intermediaries.
  • KIITOLINJAhome service delivers consignments for contract clients directly to a business location or private customer´s permanent residence.  
  • KIITOLINJAsolutions are logistics solutions tailored according to each client´s needs. 

For further information please visit Kiitolinja website. For Kiitolinja bookings, please contact our domestic land transport by e-mail or by telephone.

Last modified: 17.06.2011

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