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European Land Transport


Precise control on flow of goods.

Every day, fast and reliable from everywhere to everywhere in Europe – this is the promise DB Schenker gives you with DB SCHENKERsystem, the standard product for groupage shipments.

Departure days of import and export shipments are always scheduled in DB SCHENKERsystem. Transport time from door to door is basically 3-4 days depending on distance. Our tightly connected land transport terminals ensure the network efficiency of benefit to our clientele. Goods are unloaded also on weekends, which speeds up distribution.


DB SCHENKERtop guarantees the delivery of the shipment on a certain day according to the DB Schenker Scheduler and top12 on a certain day before noon (local time). Both services include money-back guarantee in case the shipment is not delivered in time.


Supplementary service Flow is a border crossing consolidated shipment which is unloaded centralized in one terminal and then distributed to end customers in each destination country.

Consolidated shipments benefit our customers in transport time, costs, information flow and customer service.

For further information, please contact our sales personnel, tel. +358 (0)10 520 01.

Last modified: 17.06.2011

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