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European Land Transport

Other Transports

DB Schenker also offers temperature controlled transports, fairs and exhibition transports, special transports and sea container transports as well as dangerous goods transports.

Temperature controlled transports

ColdSped is a special unit of Schenker Oy taking care of temperature controlled transports, pick up and distribution in Europe. Food stuff, garden plants, trees and flower bulbs, as well as other products, which require special temperature are handled with our special transport equipment in Coldsped system.  

Fairs and exhibitions

DB Schenker´s fairs and exhibition service offers all kind of transportation related to fairs, exhibitions, congresses, cultural and sports events. DB Schenker also takes care of paperwork, handling of the goods, communication, transport arrangements and customs clearance on behalf of customer together with DB Schenker´s worldwide network.

Special Transports

DB Schenker also provides transport services requiring special know-how. When you have a heavy or oversized load, our special transport department obtains any special licences required and works out the entire logistics plan for your transport.

Sea Container Transports

We offer direct transportation agreement to the companies using sea containers. A direct transportation agreement does not presume big quantities of sea containers. 

Dangerous goods

It is most important to identify if goods are really classified dangerous according to transport regulations.Be aware what regulations concern you and your transport and comply with them. 

Last modified: 17.06.2011

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