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Outsourcing benefits

  • cost savings 
  • freeing-up of capital 
  • special expertise
  • reaction sensitivity
  • operational reliability

Reasons to oursource

  • storage facilities prove to be inappropriate, are impractical for operations, or hamper efficiency
  • growth brings about pressures for investment in space, equipment, machinery and personnel
  • significant capital is already committed to facilities, equipment, machines and information systems upkeep
  • substantial seasonal and volume-based fluctuations in operations
  • major personnel-related costs

Outsourcing as a managed process

  1. Contact
    - making client contact (client or sales personnel)
    - internal survey: client contact (specialist personnel)
  2. Discussion
    - reasons for outsourcing, achievable benefits
    - information gathering, analysis, modelling and process description
    - examination of goals, client solution, letter of intent
  3. Planning
    - planning for launching and implementing the project
    - quality milestones for conversion stage, continuous development targets, contractual negotiations, service pricing, operational descriptions and service agreement
  4. Realization
    producing information and preparing production
    - training and communication (Schenker, client)
    - operations in two environments, the move, info, production
  5. Continuous development
    - client requirements, sales personnel, operational staff
    - reportage, quality and outlays
    - development of continuous operations

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