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The TWS system efficiently controls your warehousing

A personal profile is created for each client in DB Schenker’s TWS Warehouse Management System, including the operations (Event List) the client wishes to be performed on his storable products.

The system reads and controls the warehousing also on the basis of client-specific contract information entered into the profile. The client profile and contract direct the process comprehensively - all the way from the receipt of goods and warehousing to the picking and dispatch of products. Each task performed in the warehouse is entered into the system, and the client can check all his own storage-related events online (Webstock).

Direct EDI/XML connections from the TWS system can be provided for the client. If these connections are not in use,another alternative is the Internet-based Webstock interface, which is built into the TWS format and functions in accordance with the same principles.

TWS system features

  • electronic connections with the client (EDI/XML)
  • invoicing data automatically from one stage to the next in the various stages
  • KIT function (final product consists of many sub-products, e.g. assembly)
  • monitoring of batch and serial numbers as well as dates

Webstock (Internet-based interface for TWS)

  • warehouse balance enquiries and reports
  • possibility to key in outbound orders
  • monitoring of order status
  • storage history report
  • receipt report
  • delivery report

Last modified: 17.06.2011

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