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Basic warehousing services

DB Schenker has long-term knowledge and experience especially of the following types of warehouses:

  • central warehouse
  • distribution warehouse
  • field-specific storage facilities
  • importer´s warehouse
  • departure terminal depot
  • store for spare parts
  • cross docking warehouse
  • global major customer warehouse

In addition to storage basic services include inbound and outbound functions.


  • unloading of products from the transport unit
  • surface inspection of goods
  • entry in the TWS system
  • putaway and palletizing
  • information to client


  • stock balance monitoring
  • storage reports
  • inventory


  • receipt of client orders
  • printing of picking lists
  • updating of orders in the TWS system
  • packaging and palletizing of client orders
  • production of address labels and transport documents
  • customer deliveries

Last modified: 17.06.2011

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